About Daniela

Early on, Daniela created figurative sculptures. soon thereafter she turned to abstract sculpture. The subjects of her works derive from her life experience. Driven by reflection and sensation, she chooses subjects she can easily identify with, such as women, children, and more abstract forms, which serve as vehicles for the expression of sensations and ideas.

"The material is an extension of myself, a substantial part of me. Working hands-on with the material, without the mediation of tools, sweeps me into inner conversations. This is my way of experiencing the events in my life."


Daniela is a sculptress with virtuoso abilities. Her artistic language proliferates in various figurative, classical, and abstract directions. In her latest show, the shape of an egg takes on a mystical and cosmic form; its perfect shape encompasses life, creation, the hidden within the visible; what remains is a perfect geometrical form that has occupied numerous artists.


Daniela builds associations that draw her into a dialogue with the material and with herself, leading to spiritual insights, a transition into and out of matter and sensation.

A sharpening, a clarification, and a return to the processed original accompany the creative process. Through the process, her reflections are injected into the material. Her sculptures are wrapped in silent tenderness, flowing over the elliptical form.


In the piece named “Love" ("feelings")are the five senses materializing, converging into a circle of love. This work is on permanent exhibit at "Sheba" Medical Center in Tel-Aviv.


Her sculptures are made in bronze, characterized by softness, with a refined coat reminiscent of a gleaming pebble.


Anat Nitzan- curator